John Nolan, Cape Canaveral, FL

Info on the the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse.

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse has stood on the cape for over 150 years. In the beginning the current lighthouse was located about a mile and a half east toward the tip of Cape Canaveral. It was not, however, the first lighthouse located on the cape. The first tower, built of brick, was just 65 feet tall. After many mariners voiced their concern that this structure was not tall enough to sufficiently warn ships of the abundance of shoals just off the cape shores, the government approved construction of the current tower.

Info on John Nolan, Cape Canaveral.

O'NOLAN: Of this name Mr. D'Alton remarks: "The O'Nolans were a sept of the highest antiquity, especially in co. Carlow, where they gave name to the district of Fothart O'Nolan, within which, immediately after the English invasion, Hugh de Lacy erected one of those castles which his provident care designed to sentinel the Pale. A very interesting memoir of this sept is appended to the third volume of Sir Bernard Burke's Visitation of Seats and Arms. The native annals commemorate their achievements from the earliest introduction of surnames, and a succession of recorded inquisitions testifies the extent of their territory.he May 1st, 2016 arrest of John Paul Nolan.