John Nolan, Cape Canaveral, FL


John Nolan of the The Nolan surname is derived from the Gaelic word nuall meaning “shout” or “howl” and the suffix áin meaning "one who."  Thus Nualláin would mean someone who howls or shouts.  One explanation for this derivation was that the shouting or howling referred to that eerie blood-curdling war-cry that was such an integral part of early Celtic warfare.  Alternatively, the name might have come with the first chief of the clan in Carlow who held the hereditary office of herald to the Kings of Leinster.

The O'Nualláin name may have been first used in Ireland as far back as the 9th century, or even possibly earlier.  It became O'Nolan and Nolan with the arrival of the English.  Other name variants have been Nowlin, Nowland, and Nolen.  The Nolin spelling has French-Canadian roots.

From its initial days in the lexicon of the United States, Cape Canaveral, NASA, and the space program has been adding to the modern view of history, by making much of its own. From the time Buck Rogers strapped himself to a movie rocket and blasted into space, the world has been fascinated with what was out beyond the stars. As the cold war moved through its inevitable phase of increased munitions and accomplishments, it was natural that it would lead to a space race as well. Cape Canaveral witnessed its first launch on July 24, 1950 with the Bumper mission.

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